Planning a vacation, but gas prices got you down? Governor Blunt suggests you stay close to home and explore what your own state has to offer. The governor and his family hope to lead by example. They have planned a three-day trip through the state.

Blunt and his family today hop into an RV to tour 12 Missouri state parks and historic sites. The trip begins at the Dillard Mill State Historic Site in Davisville. The birthplace of Mark Twain in Florida, the boyhood home of John J. Pershing in Laclede and the art studio of Thomas Hart Benton in Kansas City are on the itinerary, as are battlefields, settlements, and other historic sites.

What interests the governor the most?

"I’m probably most interested in those sites that relate to our early settlement," Blunt tells the Missourinet.

The governor and family will visit Ste. Genevieve, settled by the French, then get a taste of Germany’s influence on Missouri by stopping by Hermann. Ft. Davidson at Pilot Knob, the scene of one of Missouri’s bloodiest battles, and the Battle of Lexington are stops as the governor explores the state’s role in the Civil War.

Blunt hopes his trip encourages other Missourians to stay close to home this summer.

"The bottom line is we have some great sites to see in Missouri, some wonderful people to be around, to take some time off with your family," says Blunt, "With high gasoline prices, you don’t have to drive halfway across the country. We’ve got some great things to do right here."

The Blunts conclude their trip with a visit to Jefferson City to dedicate the Lewis and Clark Trailhead monument.


Gov. Matt Blunt’s Show-Me Tourism Tour

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