Missouri’s bid to lure a Canadian airplane manufacturer to Kansas City International Airport is a "statement maker" according to the State Economic Development Director.

Economic Development Director Greg Steinhoff says Missouri rarely has had a chance when a major economic development project, such as Bombardier, was on the line. Steinhoff says there have been a number of studies that disclosed that Missouri was competing when it came to big projects. Businesses with major decisions to make on location were not considering Missouri.

That frustrates Steinhoff, because he says the state has worked hard to become attractive to business.

"I mean we have one of the most attractive business environments in the entire country," says Steinhoff, "Yet no one knows that."

State officials have joined with the Missouri Partnership to increase the state’s profile, especially among site location consultants. The Missouri Partnership is a public/private group that formed late last year to promote Missouri as a location for business development.

"This deal, the Bombardier deal, happened because a site location consultant who represents Bombardier came to us through the Missouri Partnership," says Steinhoff, "It wouldn’t have happened unless we put people in place to go out and find these opportunities. So it’s a great example of what we’re trying to accomplish."

Steinhoff hopes the Bombardier package, $240 million over eight years, breaks down the door and makes Missouri a player in major economic development projects.

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