The 600 Mile Race in Charlotte, North Carolina was much more than just a race of who’s the fastest; it’s said to be a war of stamina.  Carl Edwards of Columbia, Missouri is a testament to that.  Edwards was running third in the final lap when his car ran out of gas.  Edwards was able to salvage a ninth place finish, but would have paid top dollar for another gallon of gas in order to finish ahead. 

"I realized when that fuel light came on that things were not working out quite as well as I thought they should," said Edwards, "I know the price of gas is high — but I would have paid, I don’t know, fifty or a hundred grand for another gallon of gas. That would have been nice."

Kasey Kahne won the race, while Jamie McMurry of Joplin finished 23 rd , and Ken Schrader of Fulton placed 33 rd

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