A flurry of activity on the last day salvaged a slow legislative session, but just how good a session it was depends on who you ask.

"From the House Democrat point of view, this was a do-nothing legislature," says House Minority Floor Leader Paul LeVota (D-Independence).

LeVota accuses Republicans of playing political games during the session rather than working to restore Medicaid coverage and improve the state economy.

Republicans disagree. House Speaker Pro Tem Bryan Pratt (R-Blue Springs) points to immigration reform, property tax relief, economic development and a crackdown on mortgage fraud as the successes of the session. Pratt concedes some disappointments, including the failure of an anti-abortion bill to win approval in the Senate.

"We passed a strong pro-life bill ( HB 1831 ) that we were very proud of in the Missouri House," says Pratt, "And we’re disappointed that the Senate didn’t take it up and pass it."

Another disappointment:  failure of the Senate to approve voter photo ID ( HJR 48 ).

Legislators approved 72 bills on the final day of the session. They had only approved 66 prior to Friday.

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