Mules hoist the regional trophy (Dave Kopp photo) The Central Missouri Mules will open up play this Saturday at 6:30pm against Franklin Pierce of New Hampshire, as the Mules look for their third D-II National Championship in baseball.

Tournament Schedule
Sat., May 24
Game 1 – 2:30 pm
Sonoma State 50-13
at Shippensburg 38-24

Game 2 – 6:30 pm
Central Missouri 45-15
at Franklin Pierce 43-13

Sun., May 25
Game 3 – 2:30 pm
Ouachita Baptist 47-14
at Mount Olive 54-6

Game 4 – 6:30 pm
Tampa 42-9-1
at Ashland 39-16

Mon., May 26
G5: G1 Loser vs. G2 Loser, 2:30 pm
G6: G1 Winner vs. G2 Winner, 6:30 pm
Tue., May 27
G7: G3 Loser vs. G4 Loser, 2:30 pm
G8: G3 Winner vs. G4 Winner, 6:30 pm
Wed., May 28
G9: G8 Loser vs. G7 Winner, 2:30 pm
G10: G6 Loser vs. G5 Winner, 6:30 pm
Thu., May 29
G11: G8 Winner vs. G9 Winner, 2:30 pm
G12: G6 Winner vs. G10 Winner, 6:30 pm
Fri., May 30
G13: TBA, if necessary
G14: TBA, if necessary
Sat., May 31
G13/14/15: TBA
If both bracket winners are undefeated, there will be no games Friday and the championship will be G13.

Download D-II World Series bracket (PDF)