Am I the only person who realized that there is Eva Longoria, we know who she is, and Evan Longoria, the baseball player for the Tampa Bay Rays?  Maybe not, but I know I have to be the only person who started thinking this morning that both of them had pretty big weekends.  You had the season finale of Desperate Housewives and the series finale between the Cardinals and Tampa Bay Rays.  So, I started wondering, who had the hotter weekend?

Evan Longoria

First, we’ll start with Evan Longoria.  The third baseman was hitting just .210 for the Rays coming into this interleague weekend series against the Cardinals.  By the time Skip Schumaker hit his walk off double to beat T.B. 5-4, Evan had raised his batting average by 21 points after going 5 for 12 with two doubles, and two RBI.  The negative…he struck out five times this weekend.

Eva Longoria    Now for Eva Longoria.  Who wouldn’t want to get to third base with her?  She had a great scene in the season finale of Desperate Housewives where she jumped in a bed with an everyday looking, 40 pound overweight drug agent posing as an electrician giving hope to every balding, bulging middle aged American man that he too could have a chance with Eva.  Then there was the rolling on the floor fight with Justine Bateman (who looked nothing close to the Mallory I remember).   The negative…you had to sit through two hours of Desperate Housewives!

The winner…Eva Longoria.  Hey, actually, any excuse for us to post a photo of Eva Longoria (I refuse to acknowledge the –Parker) I consider us all winners.