The state has hung the "not welcome" sign out for illegal immigrants.

The message from the state to illegal immigrants–it will be illegal for any city to offer you sanctuary. You will not be able to get any state or local public benefits. Employers cannot knowingly hire you–and if they do they could lose their business permits and licenses. You cannot get a driver’s license. If you are arrested, you will have trouble getting released on bail. And those are just the highlights of one of the major bills of this legislative session, which ended last night.

Senate leader Michael Gibbons says illegal immigration is a concern throughout the state, and not just among politicians. He says it’s a state issue because Congress has missed plenty of opportunities to deal with it.

Gibbons says the bill should not be seen as an indication Missourians are not a loving and compassionate group. He says all Missourians want is for immigrants to come here legally.

Governor Blunt says the bill passed by the legislature will place Missouri among the handful of states leading efforts against illegal immigration. He knows of no reason he would not sign it.

(The bill is SS/HCS/HB 1549, 1771, 1395, 2366)

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