John Bale

There are some things that are just plain stupid and this one by Royals’ starting pitcher John Bale ranks up there.  Frustrated by his recovery from a dead shoulder, Bale took on a Cleveland hotel door in a fight…the result?…a broken hand.

It happened this weekend.  Bale has been on the disabled list with a worn out shoulder and was beginning his recovery by throwing bullpen sessions.  Royals manager Trey Hillman thought Bale was starting to throw the ball better, but apparently his recovery wasn’t quick enough for his own doing. 

Upon returning to his hotel room after a bullpen session, he was frustrated and punched a door breaking his hand. 

The team sent Bale back to KC yesterday to meet with doctors and figure out the course of action for rehabbing.  Now it’s time for my top three biggest sports blunders:

1.  New York Yankees reliever Kyle Farnsworth while pitching with the Cubs, broke his toe after kicking a fan in the dugout following a bad pitching performance.

2. Washington Redskins quarterback Gus Frerotte(n) heading butting the endzone wall after a touchdown and needing to leave the game with a sprained neck.

3.  Bale’s latest fight with a hotel door has to rank up there in the top three.  Am I missing any?