An effort by a Kansas City-area Representative to make it harder to get the so-called "abortion pill," RU-486, has been slapped down by the Missouri Senate.

Sugar Creek Representative Ray Salva changed a new drug monitoring bill in the House last month to make RU-486 available only by prescription. Salva was unapologetic for his effort to–as he put it–"outlaw…the abortion pill."

But neither the house sponsor of the bill nor the Senate handler of it want that provision in it. In the Senate, Springfield’s Norma Champion has thrown out Salva’s amendment. She thought the Salva amendment didn’t belong in the bill. "That’s a whole new discussion," she says.

Champion says removal of Salva’s amendment was not an issue to the Senate, which has passed Champion’s version of the bill without opposition and sent it back to the House for acceptance of Senate changes.

The House barely passed the bill last month. It got only two more votes than it needed after privacy concerns were raised by provisions in another section. Champion thinks the senate version of the bill has answered those concerns.


(The bill is SS#2/SCS/HCS/HB1619)


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