Chase Daniel completes a pass at the Black and Gold game Despite the cool, windy weather there was pretty good fan turnout of the annual Missouri Black and Gold game Saturday at Faurot Field.  The west side of the stands was filled as well as the fans lining the railing along the horseshoe of the north end zone.  It was the most ever 26,322 wanted to get their first look at the team that set a team record 12 wins last year and a Cotton Bowl Championship.  I’m sure there are fans who remember not too long ago when 26,000 fans would have been good for a regular season game.

Chase Daniel looked sharp on his first and last drives of the first half going a combined 13 of 13 for 120 yards and two touchdowns; one to Jeremy Maclin for 15 yards on a slant pass up the middle, the second on a fade route to Jared Perry for 11 yards.

The story was a little different for the drives in between those two scoring drives where Daniel was only 8 of 16 for 75 yards and an INT.  At one time, Daniel showing his frustration as he did last year by ripping his helmet off after getting called for an illegal forward pass.

Chase Patton finished the first half of play strong by hitting four passes in a row to set up an end of half 51 yard field goal by Jeff Wolfert.  Earlier in the 2 nd quarter, Wolfert nailed a 53 yarder.

Mizzou named their most improved players of the spring.

Tim Barnes-offensive lineman

Brock Christopher-linebacker

Carl Gettis-defensive back

Jon Gissinger-tight end

Del Howard-safety

Tremane Vaughns-defensive back

Derrick Washington-running back

The spring game is always set up for the offense to do well in terms of the scoring and after the 1 st half in which the game was played in real time, the Black (or offense) led 53-18 enroute to a 71-28 final