Three prominent Democrats have filed to run for Attorney General, though the credentials of one are under question.

All are lawyers.

Rep. Jeff Harris (D-Columbia), the former House Minority Leader, doesn’t count three in the race.

"Well, some folks would say, and I say this with a little bit of a smile on my face that my primary has two Democrats and one Republican running in it," Harris tells the Missourinet.

Harris refers to Sen. Chris Koster (D-Harrisonville), who recently switched from the Republican, to the Democratic Party. Rep. Margaret Donnelly (D-St. Louis) won’t go as far as Harris in criticizing Koster, though she’s quick to point out the differences in her campaign compared to his.

"What I say to people is you don’t have any doubts about where I stand," Donnelly says, "I’ve been doing Democratic politics for 30 years. I have always stood for core Democratic values."

Koster has heard Harris’ comments that he’s a Republican in Democratic garb, "So, I understand that that is a clever sound bite to offer."

Koster says he’s been welcomed by groups that support Democrats.

A fourth person has entered the Democratic primary. Molly Williams of Kansas City, an apparent newcomer to politics who was a no-show at Hannibal Days this year. 

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