Another year; another attempt to repeal the motorcycle helmet law. It has become an annual ritual in the House.

Debate also features the same proponents and the same opponents.

In fact, Rep. Gary Dusenberg (R-Blue Springs) is frustrated that for five years he has sponsored the helmet law repeal and for five years Rep. Rob Schaaf (R-St. Joseph) has fought his efforts.

"My question to you," Dusenberg asks Schaaf during House floor debate, "Why are you just so determined to kill this bill?"

Schaaf shoots right back, "Why are you so determined to kill Americans, Missourians?"

Dusenberg rejects the question, saying he isn’t determining any such thing. He insists that motorcyclists who are at least 21 years old should have the right to decide whether to wear a helmet while riding or not.

HCS HB 1393 would repeal the motorcycle helmet law for adults. Opponents say it will result in more severe injuries and deaths, an argument proponents say it overblown.

The issue has been debated in the legislature for years, without becoming state law. The bill now moves to the Senate.

Downtown/listen Brent Martin reports (:60 MP3)