How would Speizio look with a blue goatee? Former Cardinal Scott Speizio signed a minor league contract with the Atlanta Braves.  They’re giving him an opportunity to show that he’s cleaned up his life.  He was released this spring by the Cardinals after he was charged with six counts in leaving a car accident, while drunk and trying to beat up a friend. 

"I am very embarrassed and sorry for what happened in the offseason," Spiezio said in a story on the Braves’  website . "I have taken steps, including treatment, to ensure it will not happen again. I have taken full responsibility, and I am making restitution to the people I have hurt. I am very appreciative of the second chance I’ve been given. The Braves have made no promises to me, except to give me the opportunity to prove that I have made amends and that I can still perform at this level."