It’s finally here, the start of the 2008 baseball season.  Yes, Boston and Oakland played in Japan last week, but the Cardinals and Royals get started today.  As we get ready for another season, I’ve got my predictions for the upcoming year.

Royals, 5th place finish, 79-83
Cardinals, 4th place finish, 83-79

Royals MVP, Gil Meche–will pick up 15 wins on a much improved starting rotation.

Biggest Royals disappointment, Jose Guillen–will finish with fewer than 20 home runs this season.

Cardinals MVP, Troy Glaus–3B will stay healthy and hit 25+ home runs

Biggest Cardinals disappointment, Mark Mulder and Matt Clement–both pitchers will struggle after unsuccessful comeback attempts from surgery.

Division winners

AL East–Yankees

AL Central–Tigers

AL West–Angels

AL Wildcard–Indians

NL East–Mets

NL Central–Cubs

NL West–Dodgers

NL Wildcard–Braves

World Series, Tigers over the Cubs 4-1