Political pundit, writer, and broadcaster Dick Morris visits the St. Louis Racquet Club on Monday to speak at a fundraiser and cocktail reception on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Steelman (R-MO).

In an e-mail to subscribers of Morris’s vote.com , the former adviser to President Bill Clinton writes that while he doesn’t often speak on behalf of candidates, "Sarah is a big exception."

Morris praises Steelman for her decision, as State Treasurer, to ban any pension investment in companies that do business with Iran, Syria, Sudan, or North Korea – countries considered, by the federal government, to be state sponsors of terrorism.

In expressing his support for Steelman, Morris explains why he believes Steelman is preferable to Congressman Kenny Hulshof (R-MO) as the GOP nominee to face Attorney General Jay Nixon (D-MO), the presumptive Democratic candidate for Governor. Morris writes: "Congressman Kenny Hulshof is too tied to the Washington establishment to win in Missouri, especially with Congress’ current dismal ratings."

Morris has undergone a political transition since the days when he advised and campaigned for President Clinton.  He now preaches a conservative message and embraces conservative political candidates.