a 'maddened' employee Whether or not you’re a college basketball fan, in a couple of weeks many people will be getting ready for the ultimate in March Madness…the NCAA Tournament.  A field of 65 teams will compete for Division I basketball’s national championship.

Many offices will be starting up their own office pools, fans will be logging on to ESPN, Yahoo, local radio station websites, pulling brackets out of newspapers, etc, filling out their predictions for the field of 65.  From the guy who thinks he knows everything about college basketball (yes, you Jonathan Shelby) to the girl in the office who doesn’t know a basketball from a soccer ball, thousands and thousands of brackets will be filled out across this country.

But how does it all work?  How does the NCAA come up with the field?  Why are some schools on the bubble?  Why are there teams like Murray State or George Mason in the tournament, and Missouri is left out.  Who decides who goes and who stays?  For all the answers, we turn to Conal Byrne.  He’s the managing editor of howstuffworks.com

His website will be featuring the ins and outs of March Madness and the NCAA tournament and he took time to speak exclusively with us in the Press Box to give you the lowdown on how to pick your bracket winners.  So, before you stress out over which 12 seed will upset a number 5, give a listen!

Download/listen to How Stuff Works-March Madness (12:25 MP3)