A split exist among prominent Democrats as to whether the presidential primary split between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will harm Democratic chances in Missouri come November.

Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver has gone public with his concerns that a to-the-wire race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama could hurt the Democrats’ chances to take back the White House, with fears it could trickle down to Missouri.

"The Democratic Party is going to have a tough time winning Missouri anyway. It’s always a challenge," Cleaver told reporters at the 37th Annual Democrat Days.

Cleaver foresees difficulty in healing wounds inflicted during the primary battle. Cleaver worries the race might not be settled until the national convention in Denver this summer. He says that could leave rank-and-file Democrats angry.

Senator Claire McCaskill doesn’t see it that way.

"I think we will all unite behind the candidate that ultimately becomes the nominee," McCaskill told the Missourinet.

McCaskill insisted Democrats can chart their own course once the primaries are over. McCaskill said it’s in the hands of Democrats how to react to the presidential primary contest, "If we get bitter or angry because our candidate doesn’t win shame on us."

McCaskill said Missouri Democrats must unite behind the winner, because it will be states like Missouri that determine who wins the presidency.


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