Members of the casino industry in this state are expressing concerns about the Missouri Gaming Commission’s decision to accept applications for a casino in the Kansas City suburb of Sugar Creek. And you can bet those concerns are based on the bottom line.

They fear the added competition for the gambler’s dollar would harm existing casinos, especially in the Kansas City area where there are already four casinos on the Missouri side of the state line and existing or future casinos on the Kansas side of the border. Gaming Commission Executive Director Gene McNary says it’s a simple case of established businesses wanting to close the door on competition … and newcomers wanting a piece of the action. McNary says this is a capitalist society, adding competition is in the best interests of the people.

Casino operators wishing to be considered for Sugar Creek have until March 11th to file applications with the Gaming Commission. So far, only Iowa-based Wild Rose Entertainment has expressed interest in setting up shop in Sugar Creek.

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