A judge in Jefferson City has ruled in favor of the plaintiffs in a challenge to the summary wording of what has become known as the Human Cloning Initiative. The ballot initiative seeks to have Missourians ban forms of research considered to be human cloning.

Cole County Circuit Judge Patricia Joyce has ruled the group Cures Without Cloning had a legitimate complaint that Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s summary wording was "insufficient or unfair." Judge Joyce has rewritten the summary language to – in her opinion – better reflect the intent of the plaintiffs.

Secretary Carnahan’s office has released a statement claiming: "the summary we prepared for this measure is fair and accurately reflects the underlying measure."

This is the second time Carnahan’s summary wording of an initiative has been rejected as "insufficient or unfair." The previous ruling, by Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan, dealt with a racial preference initiative.

Download/Audio: Steve Walsh interviews Cures Without Cloning’s Curt Mercadante (4:00 MP3)