Here we go again….

Ice has hit a lot of Missouri. Power outages are reported. Trees are down. Roads are dangerous. Schools are closed. Cold temperatures and high winds have wind chills in the single digits throughout the state.

It will be better tomorrow. At least that’s the promise of the weather forecasters.

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Springfield got hit hard. City Utilities is asking help from other cities in anticipation of power outages today. The utility activated emergency status Monday afternoon. That places crews on automatic 16-hour workdays. Requests have gone out to Kansas City, Joplin and Clinton for line crews and tree trimming crews. A spokesman for CU says the area isn’t out of the woods yet. He says the utility is closing watching a system out of Tulsa.

Tree limbs have broken and fallen on power lines, snapping them in parts of southwest Missouri. Power outages have been reported for 5,000 Missouri homes. CU had to recall three crews who had been in Memphis, TN helping that area recover from tornado damage.