A new effort is being made at the Capitol to go after farm operations that stink up the place. But they have to it a lot. Senator Gary Nodler wants a law that takes away Department of Natural Resources Air and Water permits from confined animal feeding operators….and animal waste recyclers…that consistently violate clean air and clean water laws.

But the state could only yank the permits if they violate standards six times in a year and 12 times in three years.

A poultry-waste processing plant in Carthage, in his district, triggered this idea.

Although hundreds of odor complaints have been filed against Renewable Environmental Solutions in the last four years, the state has issued only four violations against the company in the last four years.

Nodler tells the Senate Agriculture Committee he knows his thresholds for major penalties are high. But he says he does not want to create a serious burden for producers who are having trouble but who are working to resolve the problems. He says his thresholds are high enough to clearly identify persistent violators who are not willing to comply with state standards.

The committee will act on his proposal later.



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