Head Coach Mike Anderson Listen to DeMarre Carroll talk about why he ran into the crowd.  Keon Lawrence talks about how Mizzou’s 2-3 zone is their best defense because it confuses the opposing team’s offense, and if you’re not confused after hearing his explanation you’re on the ball.  Plus, head coach Mike Anderson shares his thoughts on the game.  How he told his team at halftime, they needed to be more assertive.

Proof in his words, Mizzou shot 57% in the second half opposed to 35% in the first.  Conversly, they held KU to 40% shooting after a red hot 57% in the first half.  Mizzou’s inside play picked up as well, after being outscored 24-4 in the paint, came back to outscore the Wildcats 22-12.

Download/listen to Mizzou Postgame (3:15 MP3)