It’s a week from Missouri’s Presidential Primary and Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is talking about how she is the best Democrat to represent the party at the top of the ticket in November. Clinton suggests she has coattails, pointing out she has a proven track record of helping other candidates to win in Republican and rural areas.

In a telephone conference call with Missouri reporters Clinton said she lived for many years in neighboring Arkansas and is very comfortable and familiar in Missouri. She adds she wants to take her case to the people of Missouri. "I’m going to take my case to the people of the state," insists Clinton. "It’s the Show-Me State and I think they want to be shown, not told, who the best President and the best Democratic nominee would be."

Clinton shrugs off suggestions from Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) that Hillary Clinton at the top of the ticket would hurt Democratic chances in Missouri in November, saying she is, "the person best prepared and ready to take whatever comes our way from the other side and then to begin governing as our President on Day One."

Missouri voters go to the polls Tuesday, February 5th.

Download/Listen: Hillary Clinton conference call (9:00 MP3)