St. Louis Billikens men’s basketball coach Rick Majerus told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he couldn’t believe the fuss being made about his comments he made regarding abortion rights and stem cell research at a Hillary Rodham Clinton rally in St. Louis on Saturday. 

Majerus talked about how upset his elderly mother was over the whole flap, but reminded her son to stick by his guns and what he believes in.  Majerus is quoted in the article as saying.

"I’m very respectful to the archbishop, but I rely on my value judgments, thanks to my education at Marquette, which is a Jesuit institution, just like St. Louis. That Jesuit education led me to believe that I can make a value judgment. And my value judgment happens to differ from the archbishop’s.  I do not speak for the university or the Catholic Church. These are my personal views. And I’m not letting him change my mind. I think religion should be inclusive. I would hope that all people would feel welcome inside a church, and that the church would serve to bring people together, even if they happen to disagree on certain things."