Sports, Politics, and Religion all coming into play on this one.    St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke says St. Louis University head basketball coach Rick Majerus should be disclipined for his comments he made supporting abortion rights and stem cell research.  Rick Majerus

Majerus (I’ve always found it ironic that he dresses like a priest, sans the collar) was at a campaign appearance for Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday and made those comments to a St. Louis TV station.  The Archbishop basically said Majerus shouldn’t make statements which call into question the identity and mission of the Catholic church. 

Jeff Fowler, a spokesman for the Billiken athletic department says Majerus was not representing the University, that he was on his own personal visit at the time of the rally and not speaking for the University. (Photo by Bill Greenblatt, UPI)

This is a tricky one.  The school is not under control of the Catholic church and Majerus has every right to voice his opinion.  Is it absurd the Archbishop has stepped in, but at the same time Majerus is employed by a Jesuit, Catholic institution, should he have used better judgment?  Would the coach of Army or the Naval Academy ever speak out against the war in Iraq? 

Let’s hope this goes away and let’s hope Majerus gets back to coaching basketball, what he does best, and stays off the campaign trail.