Anyone who heard or has had a chance to read Governor Blunt’s State of the State Address knows the Governor has put a lot of focus on an effort to help insure those who do not have health insurance.  And, a good part of that effort is a program known as Insure Missouri, which would aim to help low-income working Missourians purchase their own personal health insurance.

The plan could run into a big problem in the Legislature.  Representative Rob Shaaf (R-St. Joseph), a medical doctor who chairs the House Special Committee on Healthcare Transformation, says Insure Missouri was not discussed by lawmakers and might not be a wise use of taxpayer dollars.

The Governor’s plan would use some of the resources already in the health care system to pay for uncompensated care for the uninsured.  He expects the plan to reduce the number of uninsured by 200,000. Schaaf says a plan of this magnitude – $370-million – should have been run through the Legislature as is required by the separation of powers.

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