An inspirational message was delivered with plenty of humor at the annual Governor’s Prayer Breakfast held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City. A record crowd of more than 750 attended. They heard a keynote address that focused on prayer from Father Mike Coleman of St. Pius X Catholic Parish in Moberly.

Father Coleman gave seven steps to being directed and led by God, using each letter in the word "praying". Coleman told of the pact his 7 th Grade Religion class made to not begin the day without saying addressing God. He wove in humorous stories throughout the message to get across the necessity of repentance, asking, yielding and intimacy.

He ended his talk by urging the audience to never give up, but to turn to God and stating that the "g" in "praying" stands for glee, mirth and joy which should always be a part of prayer. 

Download/listen Father Mike Coleman, Moberly (30 minutes MP3)