Clear, mild weather is expected this Christmas Day. The National Weather Service reports high pressure stretching from the lower Mississippi Valley to the eastern United States is providing clear and tranquil weather.

Highs today are expected to hover between the mid-40s to the lower 50s in the St. Louis area. The National Weather Service expects temperatures in northern Missouri to be in the 30s, with the temperatures rising into the 40s in central Missouri. The Kansas City area should see temperatures near 50. Christmas Day in the Ozarks, including Springfield, is expected to bring temperatures in the mid-50s.

The Missouri Department of Transportation reports all roads are clear today, a stark contrast to this past weekend. The heavy snowstorm that hit northwest Missouri shut down Interstate 29 from Dearborn to the Iowa state line. The State Highway Patrol counted between 20 to 40 vehicles in a pile up at St. Joseph on I-29 and said whiteout conditions made it difficult to clear the interstate.

The Weather Service predicts nothing like that today and predicts the next winter storm will enter Missouri Wednesday evening. It is expected to be mild. Forecasters expect little snow accumulation and say that the precipitation could come in the form of rain if temperatures hold. A wary eye is being kept on a system that could enter the state prior to this weekend. This strong winter weather system brings with it a better chance of accumulation. The snow is expected to affect far northwest Missouri the most.