Power has been restored to most of the Missouri households left without electricity in wake of the massive ice storm that struck the state last week. The State Emergency Management Agency reports that 3,264 residences are without power as of early Tuesday morning. The greatest concentration of homes without power is located in northwest Missouri, where 1,315 houses still have no electricity. United Electric reports 1,100 customers in Maryville and Savannah have yet to have their power restored. Aquila reports 1,249 customers in the St. Joseph and Maryville areas still are without power. Empire Electric says that its number of customers without power has dropped to only 700. Those customers have been without power since the first wave of the ice storm hit Sunday, the 9 th . The ice storm knocked out power to an estimated 170,000 Missouri households at its peak. SEMA reports that four Missourians died during the ice storm.