Well, more fuel added to the fire between Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa and third baseman Scott Rolen.  As baseball wraps up their winter meetings in Nashville, Tony LaRussa spoke about the non-trade of Scott Rolen saying the Cardinals will not trade Rolen just to benefit the player because he wants out.  The Cardinals are going to do what’s best for the organization. 

"It’s very clear that he’s unhappy. And I’m making it clear that I don’t know why he’s unhappy," La Russa said. "I can make a list of 50 respect points that this man has been given by our organization. It’s time for him to give back."  LaRussa went on to say "He’s got a contract to play, and we need him to play. And he’s going to be treated very honestly.  If he plays hard and he plays as well as he can, he plays. And if he doesn’t, he can sit. If he doesn’t like it, he can quit."