Former Royals and Cardinals manager Whitey Herzog fell one vote short by the Veterans Committee of being elected in baseball’s hall of fame.  He got 11 votes, needed 12 of 16.  Won three pennants with the Cardinals and the 1982 World Series.  However, another Cardinal manager did get in.  Billy Southworth, won three pennants and two World Series titles in the 40’s.  Ewing Kauffman who bought the Royals in 1968 received just 5 of the 12 votes.

The  Brewers, Giants, and Rangers three teams surfacing as having interest in acquiring Cardinals third baseman Scott Rolen at baseball’s winter meetings in Nashville.  The Cards are interested in Brewers left hander Chris Capuano.  Nothing may happen this week, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch also reporting the Cardinals are keeping an eye on the Florida Marlins to see what they do with Miguel Cabrera.

The Kansas City Royals are looking to shore up their outfield and middle of the order.  The first name that came up was Jose Guillen.  Then the Royals put in a serious bid for Torii Hunter who went the Angels.  Now, the Royals have been in contact with center fielder Andruw Jones. reports The Dodgers reportedly are offering $32 million over two years and the Royals would be willing to do more than that.  As far as Guillen there are really no other offers out there and it’s possible the Royals would be willing to sign both Guillen and Jones.