Just when I thought this BCS thing was working, I hear this about KU, while I’m eating my enchilada at Rio Rio Cantina in San Antonio before heading back to Missouri tomorrow.  I almost threw my margarita at the big screen!

How is it even possible that Kansas, 11-1 (the loss to Mizzou, no Big 12 north, no shot at a Big 12 Championship), 8th in the BCS Standings (two spots behind Mizzou) ends up playing in the Orange Bowl.  They had one of the weakest schedules in all of football!

Missouri beat KU, who was number two at the time, Nebraska, who was #25 at the time of the game, and Illinois who is playing in the Rose Bowl. 

I just want someone to explain to me how that happens?  If you’re coming to this website expecting the sports guy to lay this out and make perfect sense to you…I’m sorry I can’t.  That’s really all I have to say.  I think I’ll go back to Rio Rio and have another margarita!