Robin Carnahan Almost everything you wanted to know about Missouri government—if you care to know a lot about state government– is available in a new edition of a book that shows where our tax money goes. .

For instance, if Uncle Charlie or Aunt Mae works for state government, you can find out how much they make. You can read about your senator or representative, all of the top judges, what hundreds of state departments, divisions, and boards do. You’ll know who to complain to on this or that commission, find out who has regulatory powers, protection authority, taxing ability…

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s staff has put it all in the official state manual—the Blue Book. It’s an old custom in a retro cover—but with some new touches. This year the book is published with recycled paper and soy ink. It also contains more information for people wanting to use the internet to contact government agencies and officials.

The law requires publication of 40-thousand of them…Carnahan says there are only a few left over after all of the usual people and agencies get them.

This year’s book is 15-hundred-68 pages, one of the biggest Blue Books ever. Every school and every library gets one. Legislators like to pass them when visitors come to their offices, too.

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