Turkey Pardoned Governor Matt Blunt (R-MO) exercises the power held only by Presidents and Governors … the power to pardon.  And, the lucky recipient of that pardon is a turkey named "Gobbles," raised under the care of a California, Missouri couple.

In pardoning "Gobbles," Blunt spoke of the importance of the poultry industry in Missouri … and how so many Missourians will be enjoying the relatives of "Gobbles" in the coming days.

The name "Gobbles" was chosen by 16,231 of the 24,300 voters who logged onto the State Agriculture Department’s web site to assist in the naming of the Missouri Thanksgiving Turkey. "Tasty Tom" came in second, with "Lucky Feathers" finishing a distant third.

By the way, Governor Blunt says "Gobbles" was recently convicted of "foul play," but is pardoned and will not go anywhere near a dinner table. "Gobbles" will live out the rest of his life at the Weston Red Barn Farm near Weston. [Photo by Steve Walsh]

Download/Listen: Governor Blunt pardons Gobbles the turkey (6:00 MP3)