The Environmental Protection Agency wants Missouri’s biofuels industry to clearly understand what the EPA expects of it. The agency has developed a plain-language manual that explains to ethanol plant developers what federal regulations they have to follow. Regional Director John Askew says the manual has been developed in consultation with the industry. It explains ethanol makers’ obligations in air, water, hazardous waste, accident prevention, and release reporting.

Askew says there have been a few "hiccups" in the development and operations of Missouri’s first ethanol plants. But he says none of them could be considered "show stoppers." But he says the EPA has found the ethanol industry needs some guidance on what the agency expects.

Missouri has four ethanol plants in operation. At least three more are at various stages of development. Askew says the EPA doesn’t want to play "gotcha" with any of the developers either during development or in later operations.

He says a second, similar, manual is being developed for the biodiesel industry. Missouri has three biodiesel plants with more under discussion.

Askew says the goal is to make sure health and the environment are protected in a system that lets the industry be profitable.

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