Missouri’s newest supreme court judge has been official sworn in after going through what she calls an intense and rigorous process."

Judge Patricia Breckenridge–her associates call her "Patty"– moves to the supreme court from the state appeals court in Kansas City. Before that she was on the circuit bench in Mount Vernon. She replaces Ronnie White, who resigned last summer.She says 25 years on the bench have taught her that there can be differences of opinion on what is the right thing. But she says she has decided the "right thing" for a judge is to be a person of integrity who respects the judicial system by treating all who use it with respect; to be fair and impartial and put aside personal opinions in each case by applying the law to the case facts, and to have the courage to make a right decision even if it is unpopular. Governor Blunt and some fellow Republicans were critical this summer of the non-partisan court plan that nominated Breckenridge and two others for the judgeship. She says the 111 question the Governor made the candidates answer made her rack her brain…but the process was a positive experience and she appreciates the governor’s effort to get to know each candidate.

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