Bright and early tomorrow morning, thousands of Missourians will head to the country for the main venison harvest season. This really will not be the opening of the deer season. Deer were killed in 11 urban counties last month. The youth firearms hunting season was held at the end of October. Bow and Arrow hunters have been out in some urban parks. But this is the one that produces about two-thirds of the annual deer kill.

Last year’s record kill during the firearms season was 234-thousand…and the conservation department’s Lonnie Hanson expects a similar number this year. Yes, there might be some hunting accidents…but not many. He says the biggest safety problem is hunters falling out of tree stands. There are limits on what each hunter can kill…and those limits vary from county to county, meaning hunters need to get copies of their area regulations. The firearms season ends statewide on the 20th. There’s a nine-day season next month in certain counties…and a ten-day season just for muzzle loaders, starting the day after Thanksgiving.

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