Authorities continue the search for 9-year-old Rowan Ford, who was last seen Friday night at her home in Stella, in Newton County, in southwest Missouri. The little girl’s mother went to work around 8:30 Friday evening, saying that’s around the time the youngster went to bed. The girl’s step-father says he checked in on the youngster before going out with friends around 10:45 Friday night.

Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland says that’s the last anyone has seen of her, but there’s quite a widespread search going on. Copeland suspects foul play and says that while there are no suspects there are people he calls “persons of interest.” Without getting specific, Sheriff Copeland says the girl’s mother has been very cooperative with authorities.

As for the step-father, the Sheriff says, “He has been uncooperative with us.” He adds the step-father has, “Hampered the investigation from Day One by telling us untruths.” The Sheriff says the step-father has stopped talking to authorities, saying he wants to first seek advice from an attorney.

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