A lot of talk will be made about Mizzou’s offense, but I think you really have to look at Mizzou’s defense in this game.  Early in the year, when they gave up big yards and points to teams like Illinois, Western Michigan, Illinois State, everyone was whispering under their breathe that Mizzou would need to win games 48-42.  That no longer is the case.  This defensive effort was one of the most dominating I’ve seen from Missouri team in a long time.  First they held CU to 10 points and those came off of short field and turnovers.

CU had the ball off of a Tiger turnover at the 11 and scored in three plays.  With the score tied at 7-7, CU blocked a punt and took over at the Mizzou 36.  They could only get to down to the 7 and had to settle for a field goal.  From that point on here is how the rest of CU’s offensive series went:  7 consecutive 3 and outs, accumulating 28 yards.  When they did get a first down, on back to back possessions, the next play resulted in a turnover and then it was back to two more three and outs.

3 plays, -1 yard, fumble recovered by Missouri

3 plays, 4 yard, punt

3 plays, 9 yards, punt

3 plays, 0 yards, punt

3 plays, 5 yards, punt

3 plays, 8 yards, punt

3 plays, 3 yards punt

4 plays, 19 yards, interception by Missouri

4 plays, 21 yards, fumble recovered by Missouri

3 plays, 6 yards, punt

3 plays, 8 yards, punt

4 plays, 4 yards, punt