A $114 million medical research facility in St. Louis should cement Washington University’s status as one of the nation’s top medical research schools and should greatly benefit patients in Missouri.

This is a joint venture between Washington University School of Medicine and BJC Health-Care. School of Medicine Dean Larry Shapiro says it will usher in a new way of conducting research. He says that gone are the days of individual scientist working alone. He says the new facility will encourage cooperation and collaboration.

Washington University School of Medicine research runs two tracks:  basic scientific research and clinical patient research. Shapiro says this new approach should shorten the time between research and actual patient care.

Washington University is a leading institution for medical research. A BJC official says the institute will help the hospital fulfill its mission or providing world-class health care. The institute should attract top scientists and research money to St. Louis.

Research will focus on cardiovascular disease in diabetics, age-related diseases of the brain, and the use of genomics to diagnose and treat cancer.

The new facility will be housed in a $235 million building at Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

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