State Auditor Susan Montee has released an audit of the Office of Lieutenant Governor and the use of a state vehicle by Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder (R-MO). Questions have been raised regarding the use of state vehicles by statewide officials, in general, who might be using the vehicles for non-state business purposes. Kinder has reimbursed the State for use that is classified as personal mileage, and did so after receiving guidance from the Office of Administration. In fact, Kinder overpaid the reimbursement by about $500.

The problem, according to Montee, is there is no provision that exists in state law allowing any state official to use state vehicles for personal or political purposes. Montee says Kinder did nothing wrong because he was, in good faith, following the guidelines set down by the Office of Administration.

She is recommending state officials and the Office of Administration pursue legislation regarding the proper use of state resources by elected and other state officials in the future.

There is an ongoing allegation that Attorney General Jay Nixon (D-MO) has been using his state vehicle for campaign purposes. The Office of Administration has issued a response to the Auditor’s report, accusing her of playing politics with the audit. It claims Montee is refusing to audit Nixon while auditing Kinder.

Download/Listen: State Auditor Susan Montee’s news conference (25:00 MP3)