That’s how head coach Herm Edwards described the Chiefs model for winning 12-10 at Oakland.  Run, play defense, win the field position battle, hope you come up with a big play here and there and get a win.

Pretty boring, but more times than not, it’s been effective.  Whatever it takes to win.  It would be fitting coming off this trip to Oakland, that the Chiefs could borrow the "Just Win Baby" philosophy.  For so many years, Chiefs fans would say "if we only had a defense."  They’ve got the defense, coming up with a big turnover in the final minute of the game, and I’ve notice the defensive unit really step up ever since DE Jared Allen returned to the lineup.  He’s been a huge shot in the arm for this team.  Yesterday, he seemed to be all over the field, eight tackles and two more sacks, meaning two more shave marks in the side of his head. 

Now if they can get a little more consistency on offense.  Larry Johnson, quietly pounded out 112 yards, going over 100 yards for the second week in a row, plus picking up his second touchdown of the year.

It was great to see Priest Holmes on the field, four carries, nine yards and one catch for minus six.  Herm Edwards said now that he’s got a game in, they’ll have a chance to get him more involved.