An 11-year old student at the South Callaway R-2 Middle School in Mokane left the school about 1:30 this afternoon and is believed to have stolen some weapons from a nearby building. The sheriff’s office says the property owner and a friend confronted the student, who opened fire on them, hitting neither.

The school district’s director of transportation, who had left the school to search for the boy, arrived about the same time and was wounded in the arm. The sheriff’s office says the boy then stole the vehicle owned by the property owner and fled.

A Callaway County deputy sheriff shortly afterwards found the boy and the wrecked vehicle a short distance away. The boy was treated at a Fulton hospital and released. He is now being held in the juvenile justice center in Columbia. The sheriff says the boy faces charges of assault, burglary, armed criminal action, and two charges of felony stealing. His name has not been released because he is a juvenile.

School superintendent Dustin Storm says the district transportation director was treated for his arm wound and was released from the hospital.

Storm says the school was locked down after school officials got word of the shooting incidents. He says additional counselors will be available tomorrow for any students needing them.


Attached to this story is Bob Priddy’s interview with Superintendent Storm, recorded about 8 p.m. on October 17 after Storm had seen an earlier posting on this web page and wanted to correct some of the early and sketchy information we had been able to obtain. We thank him for contacting us and thank the Callaway County sheriff’s office for providing additional information.

Download Bob Priddy’s interview with Supt. Dustin Storm (2:29 MP3)