Call him Gus Frerotten.  Five interceptions on the day.  It might be unfair to point the finger at just Frerotte. When you look at the number of injuries this team has been hit with.  At some point during the Rams 22-3 loss I started wondering how much of the injury bug was bad luck and how much of it has to fall on the shoulders of coaches and the organization for poor conditioning and not getting the team ready to play.

There is not much of an offensive line.  When you take your big rushing threat out of the equation in Stephen Jackson, you’re going to get sub par rushing which the Rams got from Travis Minor (40 yards on 7 carries), Brian Leonard (18 yards on 12 carries), and Antonio Pittman (11 yards on 5 carries).  So you allow that Ravens defense to tee off on Frerotte and five interceptions and four sacks.

As I look at the Rams remaining schedule, I see two opportunities where this team may pull off wins…December 2nd vs. Atlanta and/or December 9th at Cincinnati.  There have been quite a few teams that finished 1-15, but no team has ever lost all 16 games in a season.  One team, the 1976 TB Buccaneers went 0-14.  I think this team could be flirting with that record.