I have to admit, during Larry Johnson’s 35 yard run toward the endzone, I was thinking the offense finally got the big play they needed to light the spark.  Then when I saw Deltha O’Neal strip the ball from Johnson and watched it bounce out the back of the end zone, I immediately thought they would self destruct.  Not the case in their 27-20 win over Cincinnati.

Give the Chiefs credit, not only did the not fold, but they turned up the pressure even more.  It was a game that not only the team needed to see, but the fans needed to see it as well.  Damon Huard battled through his sore shoulder to throw for 264 yards and two touchdowns to Tony Gonzalez (who I’ll talk about later), but Larry Johnson bounced back to finish with 119 yards and his first rushing touchdown of the year.  I nearly laughed when DE Jared Allen said earlier in the week this team was in the division hunt (yes, on paper he was mathematically correct), but he backed it up with 2 1/2 sacks and countless pressures on Cincinnati QB Carson Palmer.

Whether or not the Chiefs make it to the post season is going to be determined in the next seven games, because five of those next seven games are against division opponents, with the other two games in that mix against Indy and Green Bay.   We’re going to find out if the Chiefs have anything to play for in December. 

Tony Gonzalez, two touchdowns in the game, gives him 64 for his career passing Shannon Sharpe for the most TD’s by a tight end.