Convicted kidnapper and child molester Michael Devlin might be such a pariah, even among other people who have committed horrible crimes, that might have to be sent to some other state so he can live long enough to serve his life prison sentences.

The corrections department says almost-unprecedented security was used to move Devlin from his cell in eastern Missouri to the corrections department’s evaluation center in St. Joseph. He is being held alone and under tight guard until he’s moved to the prison where he’ll die someday.

Department spokesman Brian Hauswirth says the department’s responsibility is to make sure he lives…to serve life. He say the department can work with other states to house inmates whose lives might be in danger in Missouri’s prisons.

The department knows Devlin will be known, no matter where he goes in Missouri. So it might take several weeks to decide what to do with him because Missouri has to work with several states to arrange alternate quarters if it is determined Devlin’s life would be in danger if he’s held in Missouri.

The department can announce that Devlin has been shipped out. But it will not make public where he goes.

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