Rams team president John Shaw said head coach Scott Linehan’s future will be evaluated after the season.  At 0-5, the team has been hit with a number of injuries.  As they head into Baltimore this week, here’s a brief rundown of where they stand with some key injuries.

Quotes from Scott Linehan:

"Jerome Carter will be out and is a candidate for injured reserve. He broke the fifth metatarsal in his right foot which is similar to Todd Steussie’s injury which is about an eight to 10 week recovery. Dante Hall has a left ankle sprain. We will see how well he responds to treatment this week. Todd Johnson has a sprained neck. I think he felt a lot better today. I’m pretty optimistic about him coming back this week and being ready to go. We’ll find out on Wednesday where we are."

(On if RB Steven Jackson will play this week)

"Steven will be out again this week."

(On if QB Marc Bulger will play this week)

"Bulger will be available to play. We’ll make the decision as to what direction we’re going. I still want him to come back when he’s 100 percent."

(On the extent of WR Isaac Bruce’s injury)

"It’s his left hamstring and he wasn’t able to play last week. We’ll see on Wednesday where he is."

(On if S Corey Chavous will play this week)

"We’re hopeful. I think he’s going to try and give it a go. We’re pretty hopeful about him having a chance."

(On if the Rams will sign another safety)

"We’re definitely looking into that. We’ll probably have to add a safety and possibly a receiver because of Dante (Hall) being down and the uncertainty of Isaac’s (Bruce) availability."

(On CB Tye Hill’s Week 6 status)

"I’m optimistic about Tye coming back this week. I think Tye has a good chance based on what I saw on Friday especially."

(On WR Dante Hall’s Week 6 status)

"I don’t know. It’s a significant sprain. I don’t want to say until I see how he responds the next couple days.  We’ll kind of wait and see how it responds. They’ll look at whether it’s considered a high ankle sprain or just a sprain. Right now we’re still in the diagnosis part of that."