The state gaming commission renews its suggestion that Missouri’s casinos are at a competitive disadvantage with others states because Missouri has a loss limit. But this time the stakes are higher.

The gaming commission will not actually recommend eliminating loss limits, saying that’s the prerogative of the legislature. But the annual report tells lawmakers and others that Kansas and Ilinois are making changes that could threaten the casinos in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas. Gene McNary, the head of the gaming commisison, says 35 percent of gamblers at Kansas City casinos come from Kansas. He worries they won’t cross the state line if there’s a casino in Kansas without a loss limit. .

He says Illinois also is making changes in its gambling laws and regulations that will make its casinos more attractive.

McNary says he is surprised at the aggressiveness of Kansas’s plans for a casino in the Kansas City area–although he understands the plans are under a strong court challenge.

He undestands a loss limit repeal will be offered in the legislature again next year. But he says he also undestands it will fail because it will be a controversial subject in an election year.

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