The Rams showed they could move the ball early, but mistakes cost the Rams throughout the game.  Two interceptions by Marc Bulger another fumble by Stephen Jackson and  missed field goals by the normally reliable Jeff Wilkins summed up the day for Rams through the first three quarter.  The offensive line held up giving Bulger good protection, allowing no sacks but Bulger and the offense couldn’t produce.  The Bucs opened the 2 nd half with a seven play scoring drive capped off with a 7 yard touchdown run by Cadillac Williams to give them a 10-0 lead.  The Rams followed with a turnover at Tampa’s 31 late in the third quarter.  The Rams went to Stephen Jackson on the ground and through the air and got within field goal position again at the end of the third quarter and Wilkins missed his second field goal attempt of the game.  However, the defense came up with a big turnover recovering a Cadillac fumble and the Rams converted that into a 25 yard field goal by Wilkins making it a 10-3 game early in the fourth.  6 plays, 80 yards later, the Bucs drove right back down the field to make it a 17-3 lead.  After a Rams, three and out the Bucs came right back to score making it a 24-3 game in a matter of two minutes and fifty four seconds.  On the ensuing drive, it ended with another Rams turnover, the third interception of the day by Marc Bulger.