Forbes magazine has compiled it’s annual of list of "them that has," and five Missourians are on it.

Forbes list of the 400 richest Americans is out – and these people are so rich that 82 billionaires could not make it.

But five Missourians did. Forbes says Enterprise Rent-a-Car founder Jack Taylor and his family are 19th. They’re worth $14-Billion. Number 135 is St. Louisan Pauline MacMillan Keinath, who is worth $2.8-Billion. She inherited her money.   Number 165 is Ann Walton Kroenke of Columbia, at $2.5-Billion.  That’s Wal-Mart money. At 204th is her husband, E. Stanley Kroenke, whose sports and real estate holdings are worth $2.2-Billion. Tied with him is Nancy Walton Laurie, with $2.2-Billion in Wal-Mart money.